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Second Used Falcon 9 Relaunches June 23

Bulgaria’s first satellite is set to launch on Friday, June 23, from Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39A in Florida.  The mission will be carried out by a used Falcon 9 rocket. It was initially scheduled to launch on June 19, but, was delayed due to SpaceX’s need to replace a ”fairing valve” on the rocket. […]

Read Elon Musk’s Plan: Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species

‘’By talking about the SpaceX Mars architecture, I want to make Mars seem possible—make it seem as though it is something that we can do in our lifetime. There really is a way that anyone could go if they wanted to,’’ he said while presenting his plan. During the International Astronautical Congress held in Guadalajara, […]

What to expect from Neuralink, a company making up around 3% of Elon Musk’s time

Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, is not shy about his fear of artificial intelligence. Earlier in March, he has decided to direct those worries into countering the dangers of AI by launching Neuralink, a medical research company that aims to connect human brains with computers through creating brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) or ”neural lace.’‘But before […]

Elon Musk: SpaceX May Launch Falcon Heavy in Three Months

In response to a question raised by one of his Twitter followers, SpaceX CEO has announced that all Falcon Heavy cores should be at Cape Canaveral in two to three months. The rocket launch should happen a month later. All Falcon Heavy cores should be at the Cape in two to three months, so launch […]

Updated: Musk Quits Council Following Trump’s Decision to Ditch Paris

  U.S. President Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, ”We’re getting out,” he said. Trump’s move stunned the world and enticed many to react to the devastating news. ”Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world,” Elon Musk tweeted post Trump’s […]

Tesla: Model 3 is not ”Version 3”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has made it clear on several occasions that his company’s newest vehicle, the Model 3, is not an evolved version of Model S. In March, he tweeted: ‘’Am noticing that many people think Model 3 is the “next version” of a Tesla, like iPhone 2 vs 3. This is not true.’’ […]

Tesla CEO Believes Company is Overvalued

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, characterized with his vision for a better, sustainable future, spoke to The Guardian newspaper: ‘’I do believe this market cap is higher than we have any right to deserve.’’ This comes after a hot-headed tweet back in April, where Musk defended his company’s valuation saying: ‘’Tesla is absurdly overvalued if based […]

Electric Charging Stations Gearing Up the Future

The growing need for accessible charging stations rose when people around the world started validating electric energy as an efficient and environment-friendly substitute for fossil fuels. Charging stations vary in strength and speed. Some stations support higher voltages and currents than others. Over the past five years, they have become widely abundant around shopping malls […]

Model X Improves over Time

How Tesla’s new over-the-air software will enhance the X. The all-electric car and energy company has pushed its newest software update, the 8.1, on May 5, the update is equipped with new Autosteer and Autopilot 2.0 features. According to the company, the update will improve the convenience, comfort, and safety of Model X. The 8.1 […]

SolarCity under Tesla’s Umbrella

Was the deal Tesla’s smartest move in 2016?       The world’s arguably most promising carmaker has recently acquired the US’s top solar distributor, in a rather controversial $2.6 billion deal in November 2016.       At first glance, you’d think the two companies merging will click instantaneously. Both Tesla and SolarCity have […]

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