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Second Used Falcon 9 Relaunches June 23

Bulgaria’s first satellite is set to launch on Friday, June 23, from Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39A in Florida.  The mission will be carried out by a used Falcon 9 rocket. It was initially scheduled to launch on June 19, but, was delayed due to SpaceX’s need to replace a ”fairing valve” on the rocket. […]

Read Elon Musk’s Plan: Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species

‘’By talking about the SpaceX Mars architecture, I want to make Mars seem possible—make it seem as though it is something that we can do in our lifetime. There really is a way that anyone could go if they wanted to,’’ he said while presenting his plan. During the International Astronautical Congress held in Guadalajara, […]

Elon Musk: SpaceX May Launch Falcon Heavy in Three Months

In response to a question raised by one of his Twitter followers, SpaceX CEO has announced that all Falcon Heavy cores should be at Cape Canaveral in two to three months. The rocket launch should happen a month later. All Falcon Heavy cores should be at the Cape in two to three months, so launch […]

Updated: Musk Quits Council Following Trump’s Decision to Ditch Paris

  U.S. President Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, ”We’re getting out,” he said. Trump’s move stunned the world and enticed many to react to the devastating news. ”Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world,” Elon Musk tweeted post Trump’s […]

Hyperloop Pod Competition Part II

The first competition of its kind in the world.     SpaceX will host its Second Hyperloop Pod Competition this summer from 25th to 27th of August at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California.  According to SpaceX, this competition’s goal is to accelerate the development of functional prototypes and encourage innovation by challenging teams to […]

Tesla Recalls 53,000 Cars for Parking Brake Problem

     The carmaker has issued a global recall for some of its Model X and Model S cars over a parking brake problem. The company stated that around five percent of the 53,000 cars which were produced during February to October 2016 have been affected. In a statement, Tesla said that cars ”May contain […]

Tesla Works on Zero-emission Pickup, Semi-truck

    Tesla might be busy with the Model 3, but the team is also tapping into a pickup and semi-truck market for its first time ever. The company will unveil a new semi-truck in September, and a pickup truck will follow between 18-24 months later. Tesla’s CEO tweeted: ”Team has done an amazing job. Seriously […]

Tesla Becomes America’s Most Valuable Carmaker

  If it seems like last week when Tesla (TSLA) toppled Ford (F) in market capitalization, that’s because it was! Now, the all-electric-car company hit a market value of $50.84 billion on Monday, passing General Motors (GM) at $50.79 billion.     Tesla’s slow but steady rise is creating conflicting opinions. While investors and potential […]

A 10-Year-Old’s Suggestion Becomes Tesla Newest Project

It all started when Steven Loveday tweeted Elon Musk a version of his daughter’s letter for a school project she had. Bria’s suggestion for Tesla was seen and appreciated by Musk shortly, and only three days later, Project Loveday was brought to life. Project Loveday began on March 4, 2017, and will end on May 8, […]

Hyperloop 150 million dollar 5 mile test track

Work To Commence On Hyperloop Test Track In Weeks

We all know how much obsessed Elon Musk is about the things that he commits to. The work on Hyperloop Transport Technologies’ much hyped test track will commence in just a few weeks time. The five mile test track which would help transport 10 million people during its trial phase, is expected to take two […]