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Read Elon Musk’s Plan: Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species

‘’By talking about the SpaceX Mars architecture, I want to make Mars seem possible—make it seem as though it is something that we can do in our lifetime. There really is a way that anyone could go if they wanted to,’’ he said while presenting his plan. During the International Astronautical Congress held in Guadalajara, […]

What to expect from Neuralink, a company making up around 3% of Elon Musk’s time

Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, is not shy about his fear of artificial intelligence. Earlier in March, he has decided to direct those worries into countering the dangers of AI by launching Neuralink, a medical research company that aims to connect human brains with computers through creating brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) or ”neural lace.’‘But before […]

Updated: Musk Quits Council Following Trump’s Decision to Ditch Paris

  U.S. President Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, ”We’re getting out,” he said. Trump’s move stunned the world and enticed many to react to the devastating news. ”Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world,” Elon Musk tweeted post Trump’s […]

Ad Astra: Musk’s Exclusive School

The school of our dreams.      The ever-Inspiring Elon Musk decided to build his own exclusive school ‘’Ad Astra’’Latin for ”to the stars”  back in  2014 simply because he was unhappy with his kids’ education, he told Beijing Television.     The school is as innovative as its founder, it doesn’t abide by grades […]

All We Know about Musk Foundation

      Behind every great entrepreneur is an active foundation; Elon Musk is no exception. However, his foundation seems to be shy of cameras and the internet. The MuskFoundation.org website was last updated 11 years ago. The only information available on it is as concise as this: ”Grants made are in support of Renewable Energy […]

5 Things to Learn from Tesla’s Marketing Strategy

    Ever wondered how a company with $0 marketing budget makes headlines every day? Tesla, America’s most valuable carmaker and parent company to SolarCity, the US’ biggest solar distributor, has an overwhelming fan base that creates homemade videos for their favourite brand. A kind of enthusiasm that has even intrigued a 10-year-old student to […]

Tesla Works on Zero-emission Pickup, Semi-truck

    Tesla might be busy with the Model 3, but the team is also tapping into a pickup and semi-truck market for its first time ever. The company will unveil a new semi-truck in September, and a pickup truck will follow between 18-24 months later. Tesla’s CEO tweeted: ”Team has done an amazing job. Seriously […]

The Future of Automobile is Tesla

Elon Musk’s Tesla takes on the second automobile brand in the U.S., Ford. What an interesting time for carmakers everywhere. Maybe Tesla Inc. did not strike you as the profit-making type at first. Especially with its modest revenues in 2016 of seven million in 2016, and just around 4,050,00 in 2015. However, all 2017’s odds […]

Tesla Breaks Record, Passes Ford

Tesla’s market surge rose to $298.52 shortly after it announced its first quarter vehicles deliveries of 25,418, exceeding analysts’ expectations of 24,200 deliveries only. In details, deliveries were 13,450 Model S and 11,150 Model X. The all-electric company passed Ford in terms of market cap. Tesla’s shares have climbed to about $48.2 billion, surpassing Ford […]

Elon Musk Launches Neuralink

Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a start-up developing technology that connects human brains to computers. Musk has always perceived AI as a probable threat, and connection to computers as a potential game changer. He has not been shy about expressing his fear of Artificial General Intelligence or Deep AI. In a recent interview, he claimed that […]

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