Elon Musk is the chairman of Solarcity, one of the largest clean energy providers in America.

SolarCity under Tesla’s Umbrella

Was the deal Tesla’s smartest move in 2016?       The world’s arguably most promising carmaker has recently acquired the US’s top solar distributor, in a rather controversial $2.6 billion deal in November 2016.       At first glance, you’d think the two companies merging will click instantaneously. Both Tesla and SolarCity have […]

All We Know about Musk Foundation

      Behind every great entrepreneur is an active foundation; Elon Musk is no exception. However, his foundation seems to be shy of cameras and the internet. The website was last updated 11 years ago. The only information available on it is as concise as this: ”Grants made are in support of Renewable Energy […]

Tesla Unveils New Solar Panels

If you’re still waiting for the solar roof tiles you’re not alone. The newly-repositioned solar company has finally released a new line of solar panels on its website. According to Inc and Elektrek, these solar panels use a mounting system developed previously by Zep Solar, a company that was acquired by Solar City in 2013; […]

Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles Orders Begin in April

Look at it this way, by installing a solar roof, you’re not only generating energy for your house but cash as well. If you think about how much money you spend on electricity bills as a homeowner, your mind will automatically urge you to go solar! Fortunately, this new innovation is hitting the market soon enough. […]

Tesla interested in SolarCity

In a not-a-surprise move, Tesla  offered to acquire SolarCity; a leading American solar energy provider. As stated in a letter submitted to the CEO Mr. Lyndon Rive and his board of directors. As some may know, Elon Musk is the cousin of the founding members, Lyndon Rive now CEO and Peter Rive now CTO of […]

Stocks Are Crashing Around Him: Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Elon Musk

In the past few days, there have been several stories circulating about Elon Musk’s businesses stock market valuations crashing. First, Tesla dropped, then SolarCity, both due to a conglomerate of issues ranging from Musk’s personal life to falling oil prices to low production levels. As usual, the internet has over-reacted. There have been a flurry […]

Elon Musk Optimistic That Tesla’s Batteries Are The Future

Elon Musk, CEO at Tesla Motors and Spacex, is also the Chairman at Solar City, whose panels hold the promise of helping save the world from global warming and fossil fuels. The company’s future hinges on a seemingly paradoxical strategy – Tesla isn’t profitable selling cars capped at $70,000 higher but it’s planning to sell a model […]

SolarCity Beats Market Expectations

SolarCity Beats Market Expectations

SolarCity has beaten market expectations earning by posting a revenue of $ 114 million for the third quarter of 2015, originally anticipated to be around $ 111 million. There were many reasons which contributed to SolarCity’s increased revenues. The company saw increased number of installations and better system performance. The EPS (Earnings Per Share) of […]

SolarCity Elon Musk

SolarCity to offer the Largest Buffallo Hiring Spree in Years

  If you are looking for a job in the alternative energy industry, then SolarCity is open for you. In fact, SolarCity estimates to hire as much as 1, 460 new employees by next year. For now, the factory would only be filling in 100 to 200 higher-level engineering and plant management jobs this Fall. […]

Riverbend Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant by SolarCity

‘Riverbend’ New Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant by Elon Musk

SolarCity, one of the biggest residential solar power systems in the US, is building a massive plant in Buffalo, New York. The company will be manufacturing rooftop solar panels on a long shut steel plant facility. The solar manufacturing plant has been named Riverbend. The factory is estimated to create 5,000 jobs. We all know […]