Business Insider Deleted Multiple Elon Musk Posts

Ashlee Vance
Elon Musk Biography Author Ashlee Vance

A lot of posts written exclusively on Elon Musk were removed by Business Insider. The action was prompted when new author on Elon Musk biography said that Business Insider was mining his book excerpts (which he shared with them) for blog posts. It is usual for big business publications to take a story or two from an about to get published author bio and make posts out of it. But according to the author, Business Insider took it to a whole new level. Mr. Vance told Business Insider that “they were serializing the book in lots of little posts.”

Ashlee Vance tweeted on May 20:

“hey @hblodget i appreciate all the attention for the book, but what you guys are doing now is shameful,”
and Mr. Blodget responded: “Ahh. Disagree on last. Creates awareness and sells lots. But! Your book so your call.”

A week later when things did not seem to go the way Mr. Vance wanted, he tweeted at Mr. Blodget about his concern to which apologized for the ‘miscommunication’ and said all posts will be redirected to Amazon instead. And Business Insider has actually done that, giving full credit to the author and getting out of the controversy for good.


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