Elon Musk, Neuralink

Elon discusses Neuralink’s specifications and expected testing time.


Elon discusses Neuralink’s specifications and expected testing time.

Taking a closer look at what’s brewing in the market, Musk dived into the field of neuro-technology with Rogan. He boldly estimated that Neuralink would begin human testing within a year.

Defending his bold claim, Musk reassured Rogan that there was a low chance the recipient would reject the skull-located chip since it operated the same way its predecessors did, such as the artificial limb or hearing aid. After that, he went into details about how the chip would replace a part of the human skill.

Among its target benefits, the Neuralink boasts of the potential to reverse epilepsy episodes and combat Alzheimer’s symptoms. All of this could be accomplishable through a one-inch-diameter chip that contains a battery, Bluetooth and electrodes extending to the target area of the brain.

Rogan took this chance to tackle the philosophical perspective behind this. Given the rapid advance of neuro-technology, he wondered whether the time would come when there would be no need to speak in order to communicate. While not reaching a clear closure on the topic, the duo agreed that as long as the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, progress was progress.


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