Faraday Future May Rival Tesla Motors in 2017

Faraday Future recently released this teaser ad.

Faraday Future (FF) is becoming popular for boasting top talent coming from the best companies in the industry. But much of this is just talk for now. The real test will be in 2017.

FF, an electric car company, will begin its delivery in 2017. Not much information is revealed yet, but they describe themselves as “a California-based technology company with one vision: clean, connected, smart mobility for all.”

Now that may draw comparisons to Tesla, but we have reason to believe that Elon Musk’s company hardly cares.

In fact, they may even be flattered about it.

Last month, Elon Musk made the patent over his electric vehicles open-sourced. This means companies like Faraday Future are the kind of things Musk would welcome. If he didn’t like the competition, he would have held on to that patent.

But open-sourcing an idea that brought him so much success would beg the question: why?

The answer to that is simple. Musk wants a future with clean energy. His real competition is not other EV companies, but people’s patronage towards oil. That’s why he has taken steps to make his products more accessible in the form of Model 3 of course.

Only time would tell how much of a challenge FF would bring to Tesla’s sales. But as of now, Tesla is still winning. We expect it to stay that way.


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