One step further towards self-driving cars.

Tesla released videos of its Autopilot-powered emergency braking feature helping to avoid running over unaware pedestrians.

These videos were unveiled in a presentation by Tesla’s head of AI and computer Vision Andrej Karpathy, at the Scaled Machine Learning Conference.



Karpathy stated that when the autopilot system is turned on, the car will maintain its designated lane and will maintain a certain distance from the car ahead of it, as an initial safety measure.

Andrej Karpathy then outlined some of the key functionalities of the autopilot system that enables emergency braking:

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking, which detects obstacles that the car may impact and applies the brakes accordingly. 
  2. Front Collision warning, which warns of impending collisions with slower moving or stationary obstacles.
  3. Side Collision warning, which warns of impending collisions with obstacles alongside the car.
  4. Obstacle Aware Acceleration, which reduces acceleration when an obstacle is detected in front of the car while driving at low speed.

Andrej Karpathy then demonstrated with live videos how these safety measures are implemented to avoid a collision with unaware pedestrians.