SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, Congratulates Jeff Bezos For Achieving VTOL On Their Booster

Elon Musk, CEO at SpaceX, tweeted last Tuesday congratulating the founder of for achieving Vertical and/or short Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) on their Booster.

Bezos’ aerospace company, Blue Origin, has succeeded launching its spacecraft into space. It traveled into outer space and Blue Origin managed to have the rocket land back to Earth upright. This is the first time where a rocket landed back on dry land successfully after reaching 329,839 feet or 100.5 kilometers into outer space. SpaceX has been trying to achieve landing its rocket, Falcon 9, to land upright. The two attempts made by  SpaceX to make its rockets reusable failed. One was back in April and the second one this June. This achievement of Blue Origin is a big breakthrough. Being able to reuse rockets will decrease the cost of launching spaceships into outer space.  Blue Origin though is not interested to compete with SpaceX and ULA in ferrying cargo to the International Space Station. Later that day, SpaceX CEO – Elon Musk, tweeted again and addressed it to Bezos.

Besoz then retaliated that what SpaceX and his rockets are doing are the same. When Musk made another tweet stating that getting to space needs Mach 3, Bezos mentioned they were using Mach 3.72.

Musk has made further remarks of the accomplishment of Blue Origin. He also tweeted intended to Jeff Besoz that it wasn’t history what happened. The first reusable suborbital rocket goes to X-15 andBurt Rutan for commercial.

Bezos said that he is not competing with SpaceX. It’s Earth’s gravity he considers competitor. Besides space is so vast. There is ample space enough for everyone though at this point only SpaceX and ULA are the only two private sectors working with NASA helping it ferry cargo and eventually will carry out astronaut to ISS.