NASA Extends New Contract To SpaceX

SpaceX Conducting Thorough Review on Supplier’s Quality Control

SpaceX’ next launch has been delayed for a couple of months due to the explosion of Falcon 9 last June. The rocket was carrying cargo worth USD 110 million for NASA when it disintegrated two minutes and 20 seconds after liftoff, high above Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 10:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time.


Elon Musk, SpaceX founder, said in an interview that the company’s preliminary investigation pointed to the failure of a two-foot steel strut which was manufactured by a third party. Due to this, SpaceX’s managers and engineers are conducting detailed review across its entire supply chain to ensure that another strut doesn’t fail. Going forward, SpaceX will test each strut prior to installation on the Falcon 9. Another measure the company took was that, “Every engineer at SpaceX is having a buddy check their work,” as announced by Gwynne Shotwell, President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX.


SpaceX understands it cannot suffer another failure as this would dramatically reduce the ability to earn military contracts and almost end any chance of flying astronauts to the space station. SpaceX has orders tantamount to almost 50 launches including the ones from NASA, Air Force, foreign governments and commercial satellite companies.


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