SpaceX To Resume Rocket Launches In December

SpaceX To Resume Rocket Launches In December

Elon Musk announced that SpaceX will resume launch of space rockets into space by mid-December this year. It has been six months since the last unsuccessful launch of the unmanned rocket carrying cargo for the ISS (International Space Station).

The investigation to find the reasons why that happened is still in progress. The report about the failure is expected to be realeased by early next month.

The initial finds suggested that a faulty steel strut, 2 foot in length was responsible for causing the problem. It was holding one of the many helium filled bottles within the rocket for second-stage. Elon Musk has said that SpaceX will check every strut by itself instead of relying upon contractor’s certification before giving a go-ahead for launch.

The next launch would use the newly upgraded Falcon 9 rocket that has been designed with more power. SpaceX has already postponed launches of rockets for two companies in order to first test successfully the second-stage engine.

The next flight is expected to carry with itself 11 small satellites for Orbomm, a New Jersey based company. SpaceX is planning to re-fire the second-stage engine once the satellites are released into the orbit. The second launch that is scheduled for late December will be carrying a communication satellite for a Luxembourg based company.

SpaceX has already received 50 launch orders from entities like NASA, Air Force, commercial satellite companies, and foreign governments. Before the last failure, SpaceX had successfully launched Falcon 9 18 times.


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