How SpaceX is Redefining Space Access

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, is credited for ushering in the era of commercial space flights. The company has lowered the costs of space access, and is redefining the entire space exploration equilibrium.  SpaceX has managed to become the dominating player in an industry that is traditionally monopolized by government space powers. Regarding the […]

Crew-Dragon successfully docks on the ISS

Crew-Dragon successfully docks on the ISS Phase Three of Demo-2 has successfully concluded ladies and gentlemen! After the historic liftoff that occurred yesterday at 3:22 pm E.T., the Crew Dragon capsule completed its docking on the International Space Station at 10:18 am ET, 10 minutes ahead of the initial ETA, after spending approximately 19 hours […]

SpaceX First Crew Mission – Final Preparations

D-Day -1: Final Preparations before SpaceX’s historic mission on May 27th. We are one day away from witnessing history! Back on April 24th, we reported that NASA and SpaceX announced that Orbital Human Spaceflight will resume from U.S. soil on May 27th, at 4:33 pm Easter Time. The mission, dubbed the Crew Dragon Demo-2, will […]