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“Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County immediately” – Elon Musk

Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County immediately, according to a tweet by Elon Musk. 

Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County, and will “move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately.” This is all due because Tesla’s main factory located in Alameda County remains shut due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A leaked email shared two days ago suggested that 30% of the workforce may return to the Tesla factory. That has to be verified.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court, Tesla accused the Alameda County Health Department of overstepping federal and state coronavirus restrictions when it stopped Tesla from restarting production at its factory in Fremont, Calif. The lawsuit contends Tesla factory workers are allowed to work during California’s stay-at-home order because the facility is considered “critical infrastructure.” according to CBC.


He also writes “If we event retain Fremont manufacturing activity at all, it will be dependen on how Tesla is treated in the future. Tesla is the last carmaker left in CA.”

This is not the first time Elon Musk expresses frustration towards how different parts of the government are dealing with the pandemic. At one point Elon Musk tweeted that the stay-in-home-order is “dumb”.

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