The carmaker has issued a global recall for some of its Model X and Model S cars over a parking brake problem. The company stated that around five percent of the 53,000 cars which were produced during February to October 2016 have been affected.

In a statement, Tesla said that cars ”May contain a small gear that could have been manufactured improperly by our third-party supplier.” They illustrated the problem further, saying that the fault can cause the parking brake to lock up and prevent moving altogether.

Via Forbes (Left: Model X, Model S)

Although only less than 5 percent of the vehicles may be affected, the company wants to inspect all cars built during that period. Tesla said it would contact the car owners by mail. The repairing procedure will not exceed 45 minutes per vehicle.

    According to TechCrunch, this recall was issued after Tesla became aware of ”customers receiving alerts about parking brakes refusing to disengage or needing service.” Fortunately, the carmaker reported no accidents relating to this issue, they said vehicles are safe for regular usage.

    It’s not Tesla’s first time to recall its vehicles over faults. As reported by the Guardian,  in April 2016, the all-electric car company has also recalled 2,700 of its Model X cars for a locking issue in their third-row seats. In November 2015, the company was forced to recall its entire Model S fleet, numbering 90,000 vehicles, owing to a faulty seat belt.