Tesla Motors Sales in China 3rd Quarter 2015

Tesla Reports Strongest Quarterly Sales in China

Tesla Motors Sales in China 3rd Quarter 2015

Tesla Motors has reported the strongest sales for the last quarter in China for the year 2015, ending in September. The company is already planning to ship its Model X, which is an SUV to this market next year.

During this third quarter Tesla Motors has been able to sell around 1,345 vehicles to the Chinese market. The company sold 797 vehicles for the first quarter and around 883 units for the second quarter for the year 2015. This makes the company’s sale reach to around 3,025 units for the three quarters of 2015. The sales figures were disclosed by Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk during his Chinese media trip to Beijing last week.

Things have started to improve for Tesla Motors in the Chinese market. However, it is estimated to take around 6 more years before the sales in Chinese market would match that of the US. Tesla Motors is also planning to introduce its SUV Model X during first half of the next year. The company is seeing steady increase in customers’ demand for SUV vehicles.

The third quarter sales of Tesla Motors accounts for 11 % of the global sales for the same period. To top it off, Tesla Motors has also got approval of the Beijing Municipal Government to be able to compete in a special license plate lottery system specially created for electric vehicles.


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