Tesla researchers publish encouraging results of possible all-electric range extender.


If you’re still not convinced that Tesla is a pioneer in the all-electric vehicle industry, perhaps this piece of news will change your mind. Just like smartphones and computers, all-electric cars function by being plugged into a charge point and taking electricity from the grid.

Instead of running out of liquid fuel, electric cars will run on a certain range before shutting down. Some EV owners use range extenders to increase the range of their cars. These extenders are typically petrol-powered engines that act as generators to recharge the battery of the car

However, a Canada-based research team bankrolled by Tesla, published the results of a research that may usher in the era of all-electric range extenders. The research described a new type of battery cell. A hybrid between Lithium/Ion and Lithium/Metal cells, which can be used as an all-electric range extender. There are promising signs, this doesn’t mean that we need to get rid of our gasoline-powered cars just yet. The research is still in its early stages, and commercializing.

Jalal Hasbini

Jalal Hasbini

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