Tesla To Announce Model 3 Soon


The Chief Technical Officer at Tesla gave a presentation last week to engineering students at the University of Nevada, Tesla in Las Vegas. Tesla has announced a donation of $1 million for the university students to help fund a research program. The company will also offer internships to select few students of UNLV. At the end of the presentation Tesla’s Chief Technical Officer shared company’s plans for the launch of much hyped Model 3.

Most of the people inside of Tesla are no longer working on the S and the X, but they’re hard at work designing and inventing all the technologies to go into the Model 3. It’s a completely new platform – different technology base — and aimed at building hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year instead of tens of thousands per year.”

Tesla started by working on the most expensive EV models, creating its way down to a more affordable range and now it plans to further economize the development cost for the new Model 3. Model 3 will be Tesla’s first high volume sales product offered at a relatively lower price than the previous models. So far all the accomplishments for Tesla that include its charging stations, long battery storage, and autonomous driving technology would be made available for the Model 3.

And when we talk about large volumes, Tesla is planning to build around half a million Model 3 cars every year. Giga Factory will have to produce maximum number of batteries to make sure that Model 3 vehicles become road worthy well in time to meet the deadlines given to the customers.

Model 3 is planned for launch in March next year as a concept EV. Tesla will have to ensure that the advantage it gained in developing electric vehicles over its competitors is cashed by timely launch of Model 3. Car makers like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, and Chevrolet are already catching up fast and there is not time to lose for the launch of Model 3.


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