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The Boring Company completes excavation phase beneath Las Vegas Convention Center

The Boring Company completes excavation phase beneath Las Vegas Convention Center:
Dear Follow Elon Musk readers, as you may well know, except for announcing new job vacancies on May 15, not much has been heard about the Boring Company as of late; this is about to change however. The Company slated to solve traffic by building underground high-speed mass-transit systems, has now reached its first milestone regarding its project in Las Vegas.  
Last Thursday, The Boring Company completed excavation work on the final tunnel for Las Vegas Convention Center Loop. In a press release  during the same day, The Boring Company stated that it has completed the “excavation for two one-way tunnels known as the Convention Center Loop”

Moreover, the company affirmed that works on expansion of the West Hall and the Loop itself are “scheduled to debut[…] in January 2021”
The press release also mentioned that the overall project costs are estimated to be $52.5 million.
In other words dear readers, The Boring Company is planning to build a “people-mover”.
According to The Boring Company’s official website, the Loop’s transit system will reduce the time needed  to reach the Convention Center’s West Hall from the North/Central Hall and vice-versa to approximately 1 minute, compared to a 15 minute-walking distance.
Symposiums, events and conventions of all kinds held at the LVCC, are notoriously known to cause traffic jams and huge bottlenecks in areas located in the vicinity of the Convention Center. This is particularly true regarding the annually held Consumer Electronics Show, which hosts for 3 days exhibitions and presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry, and attracts more than 170,000 attendees each year
The Boring Company’s project will constitute an important step towards reducing traffic congestion in the area. 
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