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Why is Elon Musk selling his properties?


 Elon Musk sells two of his houses for $40 million dollars.

The renowned inventor raised some eyebrows in disbelief when he tweeted about selling most of his possessions. Then came the jaw-dropping moment when he actually followed through with it. On May 1st, he listed two of his homes up for sale for a whopping $40 million, one of them being Gene Wilder’s former home.


As impressive as that must sound, the Boring Company CEO pointed out that living the grand life had its disadvantages, like having random people invade his family’s privacy. When discussing this unpredictable action, Musk clarified that it wasn’t an impulsive decision taken on his part. In fact, it had been running through the billionaire’s mind for a while. Building on this, Rogan approached the unspoken connotation that accompanies the word, “billionaire.” Adding to this, Musk fired back by defending the significance of production and manufacturing in the market.   

Jalal Hasbini

Jalal Hasbini

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