Hyperloop 150 million dollar 5 mile test track

Work To Commence On Hyperloop Test Track In Weeks

Hyperloop 150 million dollar 5 mile test track

We all know how much obsessed Elon Musk is about the things that he commits to. The work on Hyperloop Transport Technologies’ much hyped test track will commence in just a few weeks time. The five mile test track which would help transport 10 million people during its trial phase, is expected to take two and a half years to build. The process for building this test track is a long one as this is first of its kind track for such a high speed transport system.

As the length of the initial test track is only 5 miles, the tests will not be conducted anywhere near full speeds. The test track is expected to cost around $ 150 million. This test track will be made available to more than 700 companies which have shown interest in building pods for hyperloop.


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